Friday, December 28, 2018

Mopar 10 Registry Form

Click the Link Below to Register Your Mopar 10!

Well, here it is...I finally got some downtime thanks to work being out and snow being on the ground.  I can modify this form as needed, but it will finally give us an easy way to document all the Mopar 10s and provide me with background charts and graphs that I can share here, on the forum, and on our social media sites.

We have decided to collect the VIN #s for the simple fact they will be needed later down the road to authenticate Mopar 10s.  Yes, we are thinking way ahead here.

We will never release your personal information, but would like a name, or forum handle to assign to your car number.  I'd much rather know you as Dave, or Rachel than US 386.

Many of the questions are optional, but will provide valuable insights.  For example, as the registry grows we will be able to see how many bought their Mopar 10 as an investment versus how many drive them regularly.  We can compare stock vs modified.  We can also track performance numbers (dyno and at the track) along with car show wins.

Please answer the form to the best of your ability!

Should you sell your Mopar 10 and a new owner contacts us about the car's history, we will reach out to you before we provide a contact e-mail to the new owner.  Some people love to reminisce and tell them all the stories about the car (first getting it, racing it, how that dent in the fender happened) and others will prefer to be left alone.  We will accommodate you to our fullest potential.

Lastly, one of my goals remains getting a good chunk of Mopar 10s (and possibly Mopar branded vehicles) together in one place at the same time.  If this interests you, make sure that you select "Yes" regarding that option!

I can't stress enough that we are here, on the forum, and across social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.  We welcome past owners, current owners, and those who hope to one day own a Mopar 10 to join us online and celebrate the first ever Mopar branded vehicle, the Mopar 10!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Help Shape the Mopar 10 Registry's Online Registration Form

I have finally spent enough time with online forms that I am confident I have found a way to create the form and archive the results.  I would like to get this as close to "perfect" as possible the first time.

I think that the Online Form will be a quick and easy way for us to work towards documenting all 500 US and 100 Canadian Mopar 10s.  I also hope that those who shy away from forums, or find them intimidating etc., will be willing to fill out a simple form and submit it.  The form will also allow for friends/family to quickly register other M10s which they can account for...

In a perfect world, everyone would also be on the forum, but if we have a high number of M10s being held by "offline" folks who are more into the cars for a collection, or investment aspect I hope that this form will encourage them to document the cars via the M10 Registry.

You can take this link to the forum and view what the thoughts are thus far:

Feel free to comment with what you would like to see included.  Keep in mind, we are most concerned with the M10 Specific Info and Owner's Info for setting up GTGs etc, but for those who aren't big on forums I thought the Performance, Mods, and Awards sections might be appreciated.

* * * * * * *

M10 Registration Form, Draft #1
M10 Information
Car Number
Stripe Color
Owner's Kit (Do You Have It etc.)
Original Owner (If not, what Owner # are you)
Owner Information
First Name
Last Name
Forum Handle
Location (obviously doesn't have to be pinpoint, but I'm thinking more like Hartford, CT...OKC...SW Kansas...etc)
Performance Data
Quarter Mile
This would just be a paragraph box people can ramble on in...

This would also be a paragraph box where Owners can list out big wins etc.

* * * * * * * 
Please chime in here, or on the forum, with what you would like to see included in the form...The sooner I can get it created, the sooner we can start documenting more M10s!  Keep in mind, all your personal info will be kept PRIVATE.  I will also give Owner's the option to sign up for e-mail newsletters or to opt out.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Three Years of the Mopar 10 and a Registry Update

I recently celebrated the Three Year Anniversary of picking up my Mopar 10 and that can only mean one thing for other original owners...

Have you already had your 3 Year Anniversary, or is it coming up soon?

Do you do anything special for the Anniversary of the purchase?  Leisurely cruise, pass down the track, oil change, new parts or upgrades?

If so, post up on the M10 Forum and let us know what you do with your M10:

Similarly, do you have any Winter Projects in the works for your M10?  Post them up here:

Lastly, the first M10 I've known of is leaving the US and heading for New Zealand thanks to Vince's great taste in cars...Feel free to welcome Vince and by all means post up if you know of any other M10s being shipped overseas:

Remember, one of the goals of the Mopar 10 Registry is not just to document all the M10s, but to allow members to utilize the forum to set up Local and Regional Meets.  This will serve as the building block for establishing national meets!  You can set things up in the Events Section of the Forum:

As always, please continue to spread the word on the Mopar 10 Registry, encourage other Owners to sign up, and make sure to take advantage of the forum...It is all 100% FREE and we will all benefit from the network!

Mopar 10 Registry:

Mopar 10 Registry Forum:

Mopar 10 Registry Twitter:

Mopar 10 Registry Facebook:

Mopar 10 Registry Google +:

Mopar 10 Registry YouTube:

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mopar Top Eliminator 2013: I'm a Finalist and Need Your Vote!

Well, this is a pretty big honor...

My Mopar 10 is one of Ten Finalists for the 2013 Mopar Top Eliminator Program!

You can vote once every 24 Hours!  Please vote and spread the word to your friends.  Here is the contest link:

My Mopar 10 is "Vehicle #5."

The catch is, to win, you have to garner a lot of votes.  The contest is run through the Mopar Facebook Page.  I am not big on Facebook, and the vast majority of my friends don't even have profiles.   A few have said they can vote without being on Facebook, others have to be signed in...

Thanks in advance for any support!  A win for me is a win for the entire Mopar 10 Registry!



Friday, August 30, 2013

Chryslers in the Canyon V: Saturday, October 12th, 2013 Palo Duro Canyon State Park Amarillo, Texas

You, as a Mopar 10 Owner, are cordially invited to attend Chryslers in the Canyon V and help the Mopar 10 Registry make history...

It isn't often that you see a Mopar 10 on the road...Heck, it isn't all that often you see one at a show.

Something I have always wanted to do, and I'm sure any Mopar 10 Owner or fan has wanted to see is a Trinity Shot.

Trinity Shot is the term I coined to describe seeing a Blue, Red, and Sliver Striped Mopar 10 in the same photo. Same place, same time, same reaction...Awesome!  Something not only for all of us involved and M10 Owners everywhere to be proud of, but the Mopar Nation as a whole.

Some have seen the Trinity Shot from way back in the day, but it is said that the Blue M10 in that shot was actually the Chrysler show their test mule that made the rounds at show circuits, reveals, and other big events.

It has yet to happen since...and technically, it has never happened by way of individual M10 Owners.

I want to change that, but I need your help!

I was told by a few that the East Coast has come close and that just this past Spring the West Coast netted a Red and Silver M10.

Something some of you may, or may not know, is that in addition to running the Mopar 10 Registry ( and by the way I've got some cool features coming soon!), I started Lone Star Mopars, and prior to that I started Amarillo Area Mopars.

One of the pipe dreams I had with AAM (Amarillo Area Mopars) was to have an all Mopar show in Palo Duro Canyon.  For those out-of-the-area, think of Palo Duro Canyon as the Grand Canyon of Texas.  It is nestled all of out a 15-20 minute drive southeast of Amarillo, Texas.

The canyon has some truly incredible makes for a great backdrop for shots of your M10, family photos, or just taking in natural beauty.  Granted, even nature can be enhanced with the presence of pristine Mopars.

I dubbed the event "Chryslers in the Canyon."  Mainly due to the fact it flowed the best...

It is an ALL MOPAR EVENT and Mopars from any era are welcome to attend.

Several of you know I do things differently...particularly compared to the mass of late model "Mopar" sites.  I am actually 100% MOPAR.  I don't run forums for mustangs, camaros, vettes, miatas, brand-x trucks, or imports; I bleed Mopar blue.  Scroll down the bottom of that "mega" forum and tell me what kind of links you see.

Similarly, I view this as a hobby.  The more involved the better.  You can usually get more folks active without having dues or fees.  Again, have you ever seen me solicit "Lifetime Memberships" or offer up special features like a bigger avatar, sig line, or removing ads?  There is a reason for that...I'm in it for the Mopars, not money.

I carry that same philosophy over to Chrysler in the Canyon.  It is a FREE event.  Yep...not $10, not $20, and no as usual $75 plus "big Mopar rate."  If you show up, you are entry fee.  Similarly, there are no politics or red tape.

The only cash that will leave your pocket to attend Chryslers in the Canyon is a few bucks for the admission to the park.  And I tell you what...if we can get a Red and Silver M10 to show up, I will cover your admission.  That means all you are out is a little bit of time.

Amarillo is centrally located.  We are 4 hours out from Albuquerque and 4 hours out from Oklahoma City.  Amarillo is right off of Interstate 40 and the roads to the park are paved and well maintained.

Plus, if you've never been out this way, you are in for a treat.  After 6 Years of building AAM and CIC we have quite a few cars that come out of the woodwork.  We draw folks in from New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and all over Texas.  That equates to an awful lot of Mopars.

Also, unlike those mega forums where you can enjoy your 5.7 and 6.4L late model HEMIs, at CIC you can take in 426 HEMIs, 440s, 340s, A-Bodies, B-Bodies, E-Bodies, Ram Trucks, Ramchargers, Vipers, and pretty much anything and everything under the Mopar umbrella.

Oh, and did I mention it is FREE?

While most shows take place at a blacktop parking lot that bakes you, a wet, grassy field, or a torn up fair grounds, CIC takes place in a of the most impressive settings I have ever seen for a car show.

If you make the trip out to CIC I can personally guarantee you will have a great time.  In addition to taking in one of the best Mopar shows in the country, you will also see how a true, grassroots event takes place.  Again no red tape, no political bs, no excessive fees...We keep the focus on fun.  Fun is best when it is free.  It is a simple concept really...Show up, relax, enjoy yourself and come back next year with more friends.  That is how I envisioned things and that is how it has panned out.

I know that in addition to having a great time, you will likely take what you consider to be one of the best pictures of your M10.  If you don't do it, Della will.  CIC has a pro-photographer on site. In addition to combing the field of Mopars, she will head out and do a custom shoot with you.

If we get the Trinity Shot taken care of, I will feature it on LSM and I am pretty sure I can get it sent off to a few press publications.  I will also go out of my way to do a stand alone filming of the M10's coming into the canyon.

The bottom line..this is a great event and I will personally guarantee you will have a great time.

If there is anything I can do to help get you and your M10 to attend, let me know.  I'll help you set up travel accommodations, spec out car washes and gas stations, list out family friendly activities...whatever it takes.

The goals of the Mopar 10 Registry were pretty simple:

1. Account for all 500 US and 100 Canadian Mopar 10s
2. Organize Local, Regional, and Perhaps National GTGs
3. Take the Trinity Shot

We are working on all of these objectives, but with your help we can knock 2 of them out.  I will gladly host any M10 Reunion/GTG/Show/Cruise in this area.  Again, if you are in California, Amarillo beats driving to Ohio.  If you are in Pennsylvania, Texas is a quicker trip than California.

If you can't make it, please spread the word.  In addition to this being a great Mopar event and fun for the entire family, we have the chance to make this even better by getting the Trinity Shot taken in a beautiful location.

Again, whatever I can do to help get you and your M10 here I will do.

You can Pre-Register for Chryslers in the Canyon V here:

You can find more information on the event, past winners, and a slew of YouTube videos on the Official CIC Site:

Up until Saturday, September 1st, 2013 if you pre-register, you are up to win a custom sketch of your Mopar, or Mopar 10 in this are some details:

I hope to see you and your Mopar 10 this October for Chryslers in the Canyon V!

You can also keep tabs on the M10 Forum:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Mopar 10 Shirt at

While making my weekly rounds thru I stumbled across an item of interest for everyone...a brand new Mopar 10 Shirt!

Check it out:

Mopar 10 Registry Forum Link: M10 Shirt, Part Number A69240042

Pop/Clank in Your M10 Suspension?

As a devout Mopar enthusiast and one who drives their Mopar 10 almost daily, I found it odd when I started having an issue...after all, this is Challenger, not a mustang.

It seems in cold weather, while backing and cutting the wheel, I get a really loud clank and jolt in the seat...

I went online and found this is a common issue...

I checked with other late model Mopar owners locally and found they had the same problem.

What amazed me is that no one has reported a definitive solution.  This isn't just applicable to our Mopar 10s, or even Challengers for that matter, but rather the entire LX and LC lineup!  That is a TON of cars stretching from 2005 to present!

How has a TSB not been issued?  People either get blown off by dealers, or throw money on their own at something they can't seem to remedy.

No worries right?  The folks with warranties will get it taken care of and report back the fix...Wrong!

Those fortunate enough to have a great dealer coupled with an outstanding service department come back empty handed!  It certainly isn't for a lack of trying...In fact while some that report this issue are turned away by a dealer who "can't replicate it" some dealers break their back trying to find the problem.

The sad thing is that among all the online threads relating to this issue seemingly every likely part has been swapped, replaced, changed, or upgraded and the people still have the issue!  Why is that happening?  Something this common should be addressed by corporate, studied, resolved, and then a TSB should be sent out telling dealers what is causing it, if it is of detriment or perfectly acceptable, and of course, how to remedy it.

If Chrysler wants to just tell me the bushings get cold, constrict, and the resultant noise and jolt won't do any damage...fine.  But I do expect the effort on their end to 1-Acknowledge the Issue and 2-Provide us with an explanation.

I get that warranty work is expensive and that recalls can make you look bad, but how does IGNORING an issue and then having thousands of angry enthusiasts help matters?  Just investigate it, find the cause, and tell people...That is the best way to handle the situation.

Even if you cop out and say there is no impending damage, we won't cover it, and quit worrying about it...At least tell people what it is the root cause.  For some of us, the sensation of feeling like we are driving over railroad tracks in a war zone isn't very comforting...I would rather be at peace knowing that my control arm bushings just get cold or that the end links get hard and cause it to happen.

As a diehard, I don't post this stuff to blaspheme Chrysler/Dodge/Mopar, but I post it for the opposite.  If I was in a camaro I would expect this crap.  I buy Mopar for a reason...quality, durability, performance, and aesthetics...All I ask for is an acknowledgment of this issue and the culprit.

If you tell me control arm bushings but toss in that it isn't a warranty issue as there is no impeding damage,  I am fine with that.  I will replace the components with aftermarket parts.  I, like so many others, just want to know WHAT is causing this and HOW to remedy it.

I am not going to blindly throw money replacing the front suspension in hopes of stopping it and I certainly do not trust my local dealers to do so...provided they would even acknowledge the issue.

So, if you have this issue or know someone that does...Please spread the word and help everyone get to the bottom of this situation.