Friday, December 28, 2018

Mopar 10 Registry Form

Click the Link Below to Register Your Mopar 10!

Well, here it is...I finally got some downtime thanks to work being out and snow being on the ground.  I can modify this form as needed, but it will finally give us an easy way to document all the Mopar 10s and provide me with background charts and graphs that I can share here, on the forum, and on our social media sites.

We have decided to collect the VIN #s for the simple fact they will be needed later down the road to authenticate Mopar 10s.  Yes, we are thinking way ahead here.

We will never release your personal information, but would like a name, or forum handle to assign to your car number.  I'd much rather know you as Dave, or Rachel than US 386.

Many of the questions are optional, but will provide valuable insights.  For example, as the registry grows we will be able to see how many bought their Mopar 10 as an investment versus how many drive them regularly.  We can compare stock vs modified.  We can also track performance numbers (dyno and at the track) along with car show wins.

Please answer the form to the best of your ability!

Should you sell your Mopar 10 and a new owner contacts us about the car's history, we will reach out to you before we provide a contact e-mail to the new owner.  Some people love to reminisce and tell them all the stories about the car (first getting it, racing it, how that dent in the fender happened) and others will prefer to be left alone.  We will accommodate you to our fullest potential.

Lastly, one of my goals remains getting a good chunk of Mopar 10s (and possibly Mopar branded vehicles) together in one place at the same time.  If this interests you, make sure that you select "Yes" regarding that option!

I can't stress enough that we are here, on the forum, and across social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.  We welcome past owners, current owners, and those who hope to one day own a Mopar 10 to join us online and celebrate the first ever Mopar branded vehicle, the Mopar 10!