Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Three Years of the Mopar 10 and a Registry Update

I recently celebrated the Three Year Anniversary of picking up my Mopar 10 and that can only mean one thing for other original owners...

Have you already had your 3 Year Anniversary, or is it coming up soon?

Do you do anything special for the Anniversary of the purchase?  Leisurely cruise, pass down the track, oil change, new parts or upgrades?

If so, post up on the M10 Forum and let us know what you do with your M10:

Similarly, do you have any Winter Projects in the works for your M10?  Post them up here:

Lastly, the first M10 I've known of is leaving the US and heading for New Zealand thanks to Vince's great taste in cars...Feel free to welcome Vince and by all means post up if you know of any other M10s being shipped overseas:

Remember, one of the goals of the Mopar 10 Registry is not just to document all the M10s, but to allow members to utilize the forum to set up Local and Regional Meets.  This will serve as the building block for establishing national meets!  You can set things up in the Events Section of the Forum:

As always, please continue to spread the word on the Mopar 10 Registry, encourage other Owners to sign up, and make sure to take advantage of the forum...It is all 100% FREE and we will all benefit from the network!

Mopar 10 Registry:

Mopar 10 Registry Forum:

Mopar 10 Registry Twitter:

Mopar 10 Registry Facebook:

Mopar 10 Registry Google +:

Mopar 10 Registry YouTube:


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  2. Got # 252 Mopar 10 42000 on the clock put new plugs in run real nice. Pretty much originals no damage runs great. Few people ever seen one so they treat #252 pretty special.

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