Friday, May 25, 2012

Official Mopar 10 Registry T-Shirts

The wait is over!  If you have followed along on the Mopar 10 Forum you have likely watched as we slowly progressed on t-shirts.  The goal was to have something nice, quality, and affordable that would not only compliment the unique nature of the Mopar 10, but also promote the registry...Well, problem solved!

I cranked out a design last week, and thanks to Wayne at Bubba's Tees it is now materialized into something you can order without me slaving over a computer, and without you draining your wallet.

Wayne makes shirts on an "on-demand basis."  This is basically the ideal set-up for us as we will have lots of options: stripe color, number, etc.  That is the other great news.  You can get a black shirt with font to match YOUR STRIPE COLOR!  So, if you have a Blue, Red, or Silver striped car you are blanket color to cover everyone.

Similarly, each shirt can have YOUR CAR NUMBER!  That's right, #1, #250, or is a non-issue.  Since Wayne makes each shirt upon order, it isn't too big of a problem for him to swap numbers around.

Online I would have had to make roughly 600 Shirts to account for color/number configurations.  Even with the basic "HEMI" option and no car number, you would have had to pay a lot of money to get just one shirt.

Wayne will ship these anywhere.  So whether you are in Texas, Washington, Florida, Arizona, or Maine you are covered.

Oh, and our neighbors to the worries, Wayne gladly ships to Canada!

Mopar 10 Registry T-Shirt, Prototype Design:

Mopar 10 Registry T-Shirt, Front, Design 1-"HEMI":

Mopar 10 Registry T-Shirt, Front, Design 2-"CAR NUMBER":

Mopar 10 Registry T-Shirt, Back, Slogan and URL:

Now, let's get down to business...I went over all this in the video, but it is often much easier to skim an article, or text based write-up, as opposed to filtering through a video.

T-Shirt: Jerzees Heavyweight Blend

Sizes: Youth-Adult

Care Instructions: Washing and Drycleaning up to 180 Degrees.  Turn inside out before washing.  Tumble Drying is not recommended.

Where to Buy: Bubba's Tees

Contact Info for Bubba's Tees:

Phone: 806-367-6620
Toll Free: 1-888-603-4247


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